clanwar details

date: 22.04.2012
game / squad: [b00bs] Urban Terror match team
opponent: nDa / never die alone
league: ClanBase TS - season Spring 2012 [matchlink]
maps: Uptown, Orbital_sl
map result
Uptown 1 : 0
Orbital_sl 1 : 0
total 2 : 0
[b00bs] team: RAW-mEAT, Nebel, Fides, Dignja, SexPistol, Maku, TrannyTrouble
nDa team: Malakus, Maximo, Viki, Lei, Kukusumusu
hltv server:
Round 1 : Uptown TS = 14:5
Round 2 : Orbital TS = 20:10

Uptown was won in the first 4 rounds when nDa figured out that camping in garage doesnt help to win rounds.

Orbital was pretty much dominated from globe. Not much going on in the rest of the map.


[b00bs] clan SERVERS
[b00bs] USA Uptown only CTF
[b00bs] USA Uptown only TS
[b00bs] USA Snipers only
[b00bs] Downtown 27967
[b00bs] USA Jump Maps
[b00bs] UK funmap only TS
[b00bs] EURO Uptown CTF
[b00bs] EURO Uptown TS
[b00bs] EURO Uptown TDM
[b00bs] EURO Uptown BOMB
[b00bs] EURO Pronmaps only
[b00bs] Return The Frag CTF
[b00bs] EURO Boobstown TS
[b00bs] BOMB this shit out
[b00bs] Deutsch Mutterschiff
[b00bs] EURO Uptown SNOW
[b00bs] EURO Uptown FFA
[b00bs] EURO Jump maps
[b00bs] EURO Jumpers
[b00bs] Dust2 only
[b00bs] UK Red Eclipse