b00bs  2015 Jul: State of Urban Terror leagues / competitions and [b00bs] place in it

2015 Jul: State of Urban Terror leagues / competitions and [b00bs] place in it

I was just talking with nJa, the [b00bs] now 14 year youngling

Some of you don't even know him directly other than duhfysa's quote
I'm too old for this game -c- nJa
And Dan's subsequent comment "The game is older than him"
And, yes, I asked and he is still virgin smiling

Anyway, I'll copy paste part of our conversation here,
since I didn't bother updating info for long time

<20:20:26> You poked "nJa" with message: yo
nJa> yoooooooooooooooooooo
The-spiki> why teamspeak say user connected to channel
The-spiki> i though you were god
The-spiki> i think you are not god
nJa> oh well tipical mistake
The-spiki> you are not even good
nJa> HE-HE
The-spiki> smiling
The-spiki> did you see this last season at UZ
nJa> nope
nJa> unhappy
The-spiki> we won gold for TS, BOMB and CTF
nJa> who won?
The-spiki> all 3 in same season
nJa> easy right?
The-spiki> this last one was done tournament mode like clanbase with group stage + playoffs
nJa> You are like FC Barcelona
nJa> this game'll not have sense till people come back and good tournaments
nJa> with pieces
nJa> crazy
The-spiki> and one season before that, it was standard competition UZ style (only 8 team group stage by divisions) + UZ master series after that.
when after normal season it was best 4 teams from each mode (we won TS and BOMB) and then competing for "ultimate master"...
and we won the Master Series too smiling
nJa> wow congrats
nJa> It's keeping now?
nJa> I mean, UZ league has been started?
The-spiki> well, past few years I say, UZ div 1 is now waste of time playing for us.
they should just give us gold medal and let the other teams fight for 2'nd place
nJa> like a boss
nJa> good good
The-spiki> yea, new season started 1 month ago. we played 3 matches and won all 3 obviously

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written by The-spiki - 03.07.2015 - 18:37


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